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Image by Matthew Brodeur


At Truhemp, we aim to do more than simply make hemp clothing. We create sustainable apparel and bags woven from the finest strands of fabric spun from organically-grown Sativa cannabis stems for your hemp business. We provide azo-dye-free, durable hemp fabrics that are certified and meet GOTS standards. All Truhemp clothes and bags get made ethically and conservationally. We creates long-lasting, quality hemp clothing that retains its form and continually softens. Our fabrics are odor, mold, mildew, and UV resistant. Hemp fabric has antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties, making it ideal for all weather and seasons. With styles for every occasion, you can make a Truhemp statement.


Truhemp’s vision runs deeper than our fabrics. We want to better the world. When you buy Truhemp clothing, you contribute to our farmers and their families in India and Nepal, who help us grow, collect, spin, and produce our hemp products. You can invest in real people and lives.

Our farmers use ancient, traditional, organic techniques passed down from many generations to cultivate the hemp fabrics we use. Our entire process for manufacturing our products is ecologically sound and ethical in design. 

Why wear hemp?

Image by Matthew Brodeur


Truhemp offers premium hemp clothes for casual or formal use and a variety of hemp bags. Our mission is to educate and empower people to make the change toward green, livable fashion by using hemp fabrics for everyday lifestyle items. We want hemp clothing to be accessible and affordable for everyone. All Truhemp products are available for bulk orders with low MOQs for your hemp startup needs. You can join us in spreading the power of hemp across the world.



Image by Yasamine June

The entire manufacturing process of Truhemp goods is eco-friendly. From the fabric used for the clothing to the zippers and buttons, we ensure each step of the Truhemp process is non-polluting and ethical. Our materials are free of azo dye and certified, with different options for organic cotton blends.

We offer all our products for B2B bulk orders — premium hemp clothing lines for men and women – for formal or casual wear at economical prices and low minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements.


Our offerings consists of a wide range of organic and authentic hemp products, including:

Shirts, trousers, Dresses, Backpack, Pouches, Laptop sleeves, Duffel bags, T-shirts, Shorts.


We work with and employ local farmers in India and Nepal to produce 100% environmentally ethical and viable hemp goods using ancient practices to cultivate, process, and manufacture hemp clothes and bags. We offer various organic cotton and hemp blended fabrics to provide quality, sustainable products at competitive pricing.

Hemp is perfect for a zero-waste, greener future. Its versatility allows for multipurpose use while remaining biodegradable. Truhemp, we understand the value and benefits of this revolutionary plant and want to bring hemp into the fashion world. Join us in educating the world while creating a unique fashion statement.

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